Ruff Rubs

Ruff Rubs is made up of a team of two friends of 19 years. Their skills combine a Ph.D. in leadership/behavioral management and small business experience, along with animal science, pig farming, and business/communications sense/intense baking skills. Oh, and an undeniable love of dogs. Add to that Canine Massage Therapy training/experience and you have a thriving partnership!

Our desire is to improve the quality of life for those who are always there to do the same for us. As we learn more and more about our four legged friends, it is obvious that not only do they feel pain as we do, but communicate it in ways that most don’t understand. We seek to understand and have the knowledge and skill through massage to help meet the needs of these precious family members. We also know that many pet parents can sense much about their dogs as they would their own children. Rich communication with our pet parents helps us know their pup faster and more deeply. Finally, we measure success on the satisfaction of our pet parents and the smiles and kisses from our pups.

Betty and Carol were able to calm down Rex and had him relaxing under the gentle touch of their hands. I highly recommend this service!

Kevin C.

For those of you who might be thinking this is a little over the top let me tell why it’s not. It’s more than just petting. Betty gave Lala a true therapeutic massage. She stretched Lala legs, neck and back. She worked individual muscle groups to loosen the muscles and release any toxins. Also, Betty can identify any hotspots, lymph abnormalities and possible muscle injuries. Your animal can’t tell you what’s wrong so this is a great way to identify any possible injuries.

Greg Alderman